Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cold Steel !

I knew him long before I saw him. Old Spice mingled with the scent of rotting fruit, the smell of bile pasted to his clothes too long without laundry. Hot smoky breath soils the back of my white dress as feet whisper to a stop behind me. Alone in the moment, my mind envisions his form and it repulses me. Fat fingers; frumpled hair; greasy whiskers; missing teeth; a cornucopia of disgust and I loathe the stench of him. And then I feel it, the cold steel of the blade against my skin.

Written in response to a prompt from Magpie Tales.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Click ...

No more sleeps! I am here - note pad, pencil, and eraser in hand. My camera stands at the ready, waiting for an opportunity to record the many spectacular events that will accompany the Write! Canada Conference hosted by the Word Guild. Upon winning the 2010 Word Guild Award for excellence in writing for my short story "On My Mother's Side," I immediately cleared my calendar and made tracks to Guelph, Ontario to attend the three day event. I will capture faces, actions, and events - but most of all, I hope to capture a publisher.

Written in response to the prompt "camera" from Theme Thursday.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I’m ready! Each pencil driven to a perfect point, waiting! Thoughts explode around my head but I must settle on a beginning. The page waits, so pristine and perfect. Will the first mark caress the page or leave it wounded? Lord, let my thoughts flow from my mind and meander slowly from the pencil to perfection upon the medium before my eyes. As I see with my mind’s eye, let its expression embrace all that is right and perfect in your world. May my pencil never offend! As I place pencil to paper, may the world that surrounds me be a fertile field for my imagination and may my soul recognize the touch of your guiding hand.

Written in response to a prompt from Magpie Tales.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sun reflecting off the beach
Windmills turning round and round
Fancy hats and braided hair
Red strawberries along the verge
Wild roses in my path
These are my candy – eye candy!

Written in response to the prompt "candy" from Theme Thursday.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Snake ....

On my daily walk today I encountered a snake. Not a huge snake; probably a foot and a half long. But he was certainly long enough to stop me in my tracks. We simply stared at one another and then I quickly hurried by. Peering back, I expected him to slithering after me, but he hadn’t moved. He was simply biding his time, waiting to cross the road, and I didn’t figure into any of his plans. I will add at this point that I am okay with this! As I continued towards home I started thinking about that old snake – the devil - and it occurred to me that he does exactly the same thing. He waits on the sidelines to steal our joy and put enmity between us and God. So I offered a prayer for all fellow Christians, that we will constantly be on the lookout for that old snake and, armed with the two edged sword, cut off his head.
This is written in response to a prompt from Magpie Tales.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

T is for transformation

T is for “transformation”
Evolving, changing
Opening new horizons
Stepping through the looking glass
Shedding the old self
Drinking at the Spirit’s fountain
We are transformed
And our soul rejoices
Written in response to this weeks prompt from ABC Wednesday.