Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Close to Christmas by Maureen Newman

© 2010 by Maureen Newman. All rights reserved.

In late 2006 I picked up a paintbrush for the first time. Now, at the end of 2010, I have sold over 450 paintings worldwide. How eXciting! Join me on my journey as I capture memories and paint stories of rural Nova Scotia with a brush. From rambling farmsteads to quiet coastal scenes, my yearning for a simpler life comes to life on canvas. To view more paintings, visit my website at http://www.mnewmanfolkart.com/ or my blog at http://www.mnewmanfolkart.blogspot.com/. If you fall in love with the images, sign up to receive the blog updates and be the first to view each painting and provide feedback that will continue to inspire future scenes. Blessing for 2011!
This posting is in response to a prompt from ABC Wednesday.


  1. Beautiful and eXcellent work. I like your simple style. You make me want to give painting a try too. Maybe its never too late for someone like me.

  2. Xcellent story of success.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. That is beautiful art work and eX-cels in its simplicity!!

  4. Wonderful painting and that's great that you have been successful with it.

  5. Most eXciting to show the world Nova Scotia. I hadn't thought of it having Reindeer, I don't know why, so happy they are watching the scene unfold.
    Happy new year.

  6. Wow, I'm VERY impressed! And it almost inspires me to pick up a paintbrush again. Maybe I will, in the New Year!

  7. Great painting. I love your story.

    When I was growing up my Mother often told me that she had a lot of paintings in her head and when she retired she was going to start painting them. I'd go, yeah Mom sure.

    Sure enough, that is exactly what she did. She didn't sell any but she painted her paintings and got to where she was very good. So I learned to never doubt people.

  8. Extraordinary talent! I wish you more blessings this coming year.

    ABC Wednesday Team