Thursday, March 8, 2012

Excerpt from my novel

With little to fill her time, Abigail made her way to the basement to begin unpacking the remaining boxes from the move. Had she known what they contained she would never have begun.

Opening the top of the first box Abigail gasped in despair. Christmas presents wrapped neatly with bows and ribbons stared back at her from the container. Each one sported a colourful tag with the sentiment, For my beautiful wife. Love always, Michael. After several moments of uncontrolled tears, Abigail slowly removed the presents from the box, one by one. Each seemed prettier than the previous one, but the last one took her breath away. Wrapped in the most stunning gold paper with raised hearts, the gift was adorned with a beautiful red and silver bow woven around a large piece of mistletoe. But it was the words on the tag that broke her heart all over again..... To be opened on Christmas Eve (wink, wink). I’ll be Santa Claus, so we need to be sure Timmy doesn’t see me kissing you.

Resting on her knees, Abigail stared for some time at the beautiful gift. I don’t care if it’s not Christmas yet. No will know when I open it. With a gently touch she removed the bow and slowly released the tape that secured the wrapping paper. A box with the words “Darling It’s You” printed on the top lay before her.

Bowing her head, Abigail closed her eyes and took a deep breath. There was no doubt about it. Michael had bought her the ruby satin nightgown she had seen hanging in the window of the lingerie shop on their last night in Sedona. Opening the cover, her suspicion was confirmed as she lifted the delicate gown from the box.

Intriguing whispery black lace cascaded down the front of the dainty spaghetti straps to the bodice. The striking ruby and black contrast of color was stunning to the eye.

The freshness of the pain kept Abigail huddled on the floor beside the parcels for several minutes. Making every effort to contain her grief, she slowly picked up the other gifts, and placed them back in the box. As tears blurred her vision, she held the beautiful nightgown close to her chest and headed up the stairs to an empty bed.

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  1. Love it but how can you do that to us? Anything being published soon?
    Love Matt