Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Brilliant

Jeanette wanders along the shoreline searching the horizon for any sign of the boat. It is now twelve hours since Owen left, his vessel piled high with lobster traps and a crew eager to begin the new season. Last year wasn’t very lucrative, but his hopes for this year remain high.

"Why didn’t I ask him to phone me when he is ready to come ashore? The wind is picking up and the waves are increasing as the tide comes in. Please Lord; bring Owen safely home this night."

Bending to pick up a shell, Jeanette notices a beautiful, charcoal-grey stone, washed smooth by the tide.

"This one will make a great necklace."

Shoving the stone in her pocket Jeanette continues forward, head down, engrossed in the assortment of rocks gracing the beach. Solid colors, speckled, variegated – a cornucopia of pebbles. There is even one that looks like it fell from a bag of Liquorish Allsorts.

As the breeze tosses her hair about, Jeanette wraps her sweater tightly around her shoulders and peers out across the sea.

"Is that a boat out there or just a wave breaking?"

As her heart begins to pound and her pulse races, Jeanette's prayer is answered as the red hull of “The Brilliant” rises and falls amidst the waves, empty of traps.

"As always, thank you Lord!"

Written in response to the letter "b is for brilliant" prompt from ABC Wednesday.

Lobster Boat - by Maureen Newman


  1. Nice tension in the story - and a happy ending!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. awesome,
    you talent is unbeatable!
    Happy Thursday!