Wednesday, September 29, 2010

K - Karl

It wasn’t a long date but it was a memorable one. I gauged the timeframe perfectly, with everything ending on a positive note. But as I sit and reflect on the evening, a steady uneasiness builds, founded on no discernable cause, but none the less, a feeling not easily dismissed.

My mother had a sixth sense that proved over time to be rather accurate in its predictions. She could pick out a looser with very little exposure. I remember in particular the young man I dragged home from a hockey game one evening when I was in high school. Although I must admit he was a bit peculiar, I was daft and wouldn’t admit my own concern, just on principle. He was kicked out of school the next week and I never laid eyes on him again – satisfying us both.

“I really don’t want a sixth sense,” I think to myself. “I would rather use logic and reasoning to figure things out.”

Grabbing the remote control, I drop into the wing back chair. “There must be something I can watch to help clear my head. Great! America’s Most Wanted.”

And whose face is plastered all over the screen? Karl’s! My date! As I listen to the list of charges outlining a lengthy bout with crime, I thank God, and mom, for my sixth sense and wish everyone was so gifted.

Written in response to the "K" prompt on ABC Wednesdays.


  1. YOW! A close call.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Oh my goodness....what a twist ending to a story I caught myself fixed to the screen as I read it. Yes, some call it a "gut" feeling.... so glad your mom felt it.

    Really enjoyed the are a good storyteller.

  3. Meow!
    That was close! Lucky your mother had the gift! My mother has it too.
    Great story!
    Sara Cat

    Sara Cat's K-words [abcW7]