Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Monster Among Us

Inside a man, a soldier
A monster groans
Hideous and cruel

Years pass
Odd events transpire
Obscure, no trace

Women travel in pairs
Some fall prey
The trail remains cold

Stealth, wandering through their abode
Moving through each life
Robbed in their guise

Death, long to arrive
Beseeching, desperate pleading
Broken and stretched upon the ground

A monster in high standing
Hidden in plain view
Forensic tracks betray his way

Souvenirs mark the course
Documented death and perversion
Horror, despair, pain

Families grieve, their world suspended
Can justice be gained?
Can punishment satisfy?

God enters the court
The monster weeps yet turns away
Red flames of hell flash from his eyes

Families recognize the Saviour
Vengeance is Mine, the eternal judge
God alone can satisfy

This is written in response to a prompt from Magpie Tales and reflects my thoughts on the
crimes enacted by Colonel Russel Williams, Ontario, Canada. Best description: the devil's work with ferocious drive. Prayers for the victims and their families.


  1. Your poem is written out of knowledge and passion. A strong poem!

  2. This story was featured on BBC UK News as well as the BBC World Service. Your taken on the story is intriguing.

  3. Interesting take on the news story, told with painstaking eloquence... yet still conveys the gravity of the situations and the sorrow for those victims left behind.

  4. what a journey you have toured us..
    vivid, live, and reflective..
    poem on.

  5. thank goodness for the one greater than any monster...though it lurks until that day...nice magpie!

  6. Maureen Dear, this is so very nicely crafted.. Intense Imagery.. very powerful.. :)

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  8. Love the visual you have created. Great one!